Salomon Maxi Race and TV8 Mont Blanc live stream to thousands on Facebook Live

More than just a trail race, the Salomon Maxi Race takes you on a journey, an adventure of self-discovery amongst the exquisite unique landscape of Lake Annecy and the Mont Blanc region of the French Alps.

Combining technical mountain trails, winding forest paths and rolling hills, the different parts of the course allow participants to immerse themselves in pristine nature and push them to their physical and mental limits.

You can watch a quick overview video below of the event from the Salomon Maxi Race Facebook page:


The Salomon Maxi Race organizers wanted to capture, produce and stream live video coverage of the event to fans around the world through Facebook Live.

The race organizers wanted to stream 3 days of coverage on the 24th, 25th & 26th of May 2019 from the wilderness and mountains surrounding Annecy, France. Salomon was founded and still retains its headquarters in Annecy, so it was a unique opportunity to promote the Salomon brand and bring exposure to the event through social media.

They approached TV8 Mont Blanc, the local television channel in the Savoie valley of the French Alps, for help to produce the event.

TV8 Mont Blanc had previously used Dazzl technology to capture, produce and stream the 40th edition of the Marathon du Lac d’Annecy. Remote production was made possible using the Dazzl Live Console and free Dazzl Mobile App on iOS and Android smartphones, professional cameras and drones.


TV8 Mont Blanc was restricted by a limited budget, and only had a skeleton crew available to capture and produce the live event. 

An even greater challenge was the limited connectivity available in the mountains to be able to stream live video coverage from different parts of the race course spanning a large geographic area.

The only other solution would have been a traditional live video workflow that required a dedicated OB truck and additional expensive camera equipment.

The mountainous terrain provided additional difficulties because it restricted the equipment that could be carried into the most remote locations.

The Salomon Maxi Race course winds through the mountains of Lake Annecy.


Dedicated professional cameramen were replaced by race volunteers positioned throughout the course using their own iOS and Android smartphones with the free Dazzl Mobile App.

The live video footage was improved with the use of smartphone gimbal stabilizers that allows for smooth run-and-gun shots of the athletes.

Dazzl cameraman using smartphone gimbal stabilizer.

The Dazzl mobile app provided reliable, good quality live video and audio streaming from the most remote locations of the course through public 4G networks. With the advent of 5G networks throughout Europe and other regions, the network coverage will continue to improve to provide even greater reliability and quality.

To further improve the production value of the live event, TV8 Mont Blanc live streamed video from a DJI drone directly into the Dazzl workflow via the RTMP streaming protocol. This allowed the production team to get beautiful panoramas of the surrounding landscape, as well as unique shots of the athletes and crowds throughout the race course.

DJI Mavic Pro and other drones can live stream directly to Dazzl.


With over 10,000 concurrent viewers during the Facebook live stream and tens of thousands more since, the result of the live broadcast were an overwhelming success.

TV8 Mont Blanc continues to use Dazzl technology with great success for the production of live events. They recently used Dazzl to produce and live stream the Corporate Games France, and will use Dazzl to cover the upcoming Giro Ciclistico Internazionale della Valle d’Aosta cycling event.


“After great success with the Annecy Marathon, 8 Mont Blanc was very happy to use Dazzl once again to broadcast and produce the Salomon Maxi Race. No other technology allows us to use mobile cameras, smartphones and drones to produce a professional multi-camera remote production for a fraction of the cost of traditional video workflows.”

Pierre Boucaud, President and General Director, TV 8 Mont Blanc

Watch the recording below of the live stream on the Salomon Maxi Race Facebook Page:

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