Opera Live Streams Make History in Europe

For the first time in Europe, over 40,000 spectators were able to enjoy live performances of world-class operas through the use of Dazzl’s live production and streaming technology.

The performance was part of a unifying event co-produced by the Opera de Rennes, Angers Nantes Opera and their partners; with the primary objective to democratize and introduce the opera to new audiences.

An event of this magnitude has never taken place in Europe, with tens of thousands of spectators able to share the same experience and emotions from indoor and outdoor venues throughout Brittany, in Northwest France.

« Le Vaisseau Fantôme »

On June 13th, 2019, Dazzl technology was used to live stream « Le Vaisseau Fantôme » by Richard Wagner to the big screen in Rennes‘ Town Hall Square. The theater performance took place at the Angers Nantes Opéra and was streamed to 40 cities around Brittany and Pays de la Loire Region.

« Carmen »

Dazzl technology has also been used to broadcast « Carmen ». The Dazzl mobile app allowed live video content to be produced and broadcasted by amateur videographers who volunteered their time to produce the event.

The performance of Carmen was captured live from the stage of the Opera and broadcasted on the big screen in Rennes‘ Town Hall Square as well as in 22 other cities in Brittany. Bizet’s play gathered more than 16,000 people in the public squares and venues across Rennes and the Brittany region.

Technology has paved the way for professional, amateur and community theaters, operas, concerts and venues to produce and broadcast their live events.

With Dazzl technology you can affordably produce and stream your live performances to local, regional and global viewers through your web site and Facebook Live, Youtube Live and other social media platforms.

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